whew. y'all will be happy to know that your tax dollars by way of the LAFD has rolled out in full force to save yours truly.8 LAFD ladder trucks4 LAFD paramedic trucks1 LAFD supervisor SUV1 little brush fire, probably started by a smoker on lunch break.1 innocent SiMonster saved.photo credit: SiMonsterall rights reserved, SiMonster in His Office Images, Inc.
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  • working hard or hardly working?
  • @ grace. lol. it was seriously nothing. i've seen bigger flames in the middle of the table at dinner. :D

    i just thought it was funny that so many fire trucks, cops, and paramedics showed up.

    a couple hours later, there was some demonstration, so the streets were shut down yet again. today was definitely not a good day to be driving around city hall...
  • @sam - yessss. i've got mad photo editing skillz. ;)

    @eli - lol, no, i just watched the circus from my office. when i saw all of the trucks converging, i seriously though there was some sort of terrorist threat at city hall, which is just to the right of the pic.

    so no, i wasn't on fire or smoking, although i DO have a weird burning sensation when i... ;)
  • more details!

    did they pull you out of a burning elevator?! were you on fire!? was it you smoking!?
  • I like the digital editing of the "Fire!!!!" , haha. Glad you made it out ok!
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