For all you Sprinkles' lovers out there...they're busting out their Halloween cupcakes starting tomorrow. Personally, I don't have a huge sweet tooth but I can appreciate the clean design and look of the Sprinkles brand. Particularly love the BOO set! The Halloween-themed cupcakes will be in vanilla milk chocolate, red velvet, black and white, and caramel apple! Check various locations for details. Sprinkles website
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  • I'm not even a "sweets person", but Sprinkles makes everything right in the world for me.

    jenni - my YELP review below:
    The Red Velvet flavor leaves all other flavors in the dust and almost renders them moot. Sadly it's because of its own deliciousness that my beloved RV flavor is not always available.

    I love the little brightly color coded menus, which lists availability of flavors by the day - very easy to read at a glance .. which will save you from evil glances by anxious fat lady I mean customer behind if you hesitate at the register.

    It's not cheap and probably never worth it to spend this much on killing yourself with a pound of lard. I recommend half a dozen for baby showers, bridal lunches, house gift, etc. The pink box will delight your hostess and fill her with glee, especially if she's fat I mean customer.
  • mmmmm cupcakes. I'd rather have pinkberry though.
  • okay... am i the only person who hasn't tried sprinkles cupcakes?!

    is there really a line to order like pinkberry?
  • There cupcakes are no joke. So tasty. I wanna try the Caramel Apple!!!!!!
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