Described as having an 80's melodic pop sound, Alphabeat has a modern bubblegum look and feel to them - a little offbeat like Zoey Deschanel and a little funky like Feist with 1-2-3-4. Originally from Denmark, their debut single "Fascination" broke out in the summer of 2007. I personally enjoy the male/female harmonizing thing going on...and though this human formation into letter thing seemed cool at first, it got a little old. Nevertheless, a cool band that somehow lifts my spirits during these gloomy times. What is Happening - Their newest video Fascination Thoughts? Do we like? Are they worthy of our music player?
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  • good starbux musak
  • light and fun. They're not anything ground breaking, but sometimes its okay just to have fun music.
  • I've known of them for a while... they have some good stuff... I do have to listen in doses though. Its not a constant play kinda music..
  • Love the first video, these guys definitely belong on the music player. They've got a happy melodic energy that really picks you up. Good stuff...
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