Got a few hundred million to spare? This luxury toy is supremely awesome. Monaco-based Wally Yachts, has created WallyIsland, a massive 325-foot yacht with a giant main platform which can be home to a garden oasis, a large lounge, a heliport, a tennis court or anything else your imagination desires. It has six large cabins that can also be turned into 12 smaller cabins for up to 24 guests and there are 20 double cabins for 40 crew members. A library, cinema, spa and fitness area will help keep everyone entertained. In addition, the enormous aft deck has been designed to house two 45-foot WallyPower tender yachts, other yachts, and watertoys. Who said money can't buy you happiness?

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  • I'll take two please.
  • yowza!! i guess the economy isn't hurting everyone....
  • Ha! I'm putting it on my inspiration board right now. Check back with me in a year. :)
  • Ha! I second that, Duc.
  • I think you just found the perfect venue for the next (first?) MyModernMet party.
  • one day, when i win the lottery five times in a row, marry warren buffet's daughter, and figure out how to convert kodi's poo into platinum to sell to the government to build weapons, i'm going to buy one of those and live on it.

    i like the oasis version the most, although it needs some sort of a pool and bar area, otherwise it's not simonster's version of an oasis. the aft deck sounds peachy for scuba diving and quick jaunts into exotic ports of call, but needs a moon pool for my sport submarine.

    come to think of it, can they make it a catamaran? oh, and out of carbon fiber and titanium? oh, and have it be carbon neutral?

    k. thx. bye.
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