I'm not a Good Charlotte fan but I'm digging their remixes! Check them out now on their MySpace page. Jay-Z remixes "Fight Song," while Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump tries his hand at reinterpreting "Little Things." The album also features Metro Station's cover of "I Don't Want to Be in Love." And what would rock bands be if they didn't stand up against war? The album will also feature the new single "War", which the band says reflects the current political situation. The song has lyrics like, "What about AIDS in Africa? Poverty? If it ain't about us, well I don't know." The CD will be available Nov 25, but the band has already posted the track list and other information on their celebrity MySpace page. Source: People magazine
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  • I knew jU would back me up. more love to the panda bear.
  • If that's the case, then you should also discount Mick Jagger, Steve Tyler, Jim Morrison, Hendrix, ... pretty much every rock legend because they all f*cked around with dirty dirty groupies. Give their music a chance. I personally love "Good Morning Revival" - chock full of happy tunes to rock to while driving!
  • I knew you all wouldn't like Good Charlotte but try listening to their remix..it ain't half bad..
  • x2
  • It will never, ever be wrong to hate Good Charlotte.
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