So we got the Flip camera the other day and I am really impressed with how easy it is to shoot video. No one likes seeing themselves in video (including me) but we figure this would be the next step for us. That way we'll be able to show you small clips of restaurants, hotels, and events! So welcome everyone and see you in video! (This clip will stay in our About section.)
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  • alice + that top + "come find me on theMET" + double pistol ending + youtube = flood of leghumpers in 3...2...1...
  • what did you say? I was mesmerized by your boobies
  • grrrrooowwwwlllll.....
  • Alice, you look ravishing! Encore!!!
  • @pei - thanks for the tip! you are absolutely right - the sound is crap on the video, will look into both lights and a mic. thanks, pei!
  • Yay, it's about time. You look great and sounds natural. Just a few tips for your next video - invest in a clip on camera mic (will make huge difference in sound quality) and photography lights.
  • raaaaaawwwrrrrrr!!!!!
  • Awesome! I want one!

    I think this will be an awesome asset to the site seeing that most other community review based sites only have pictures. This will give a better presentation of what you are reviewing and writing about.
  • ok i had to play it w/out sound... but alice you look great! ;) i was hoping you and sam were going to break out in a dance routine
  • Woohoo! Can't wait for more video!!
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