Here's a peak at the new Nissan 370Z, which will debut officially at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show. The look is smoother and more organic than the current model. Nissan has yet to confirm what changes it's made beneath the metal, but it's safe to assume from the name alone that the larger 3.7-liter V6 from the Infiniti G37 will reside under that new hood. In the Infiniti, the engine produces 330 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. The Nissan 370Z will go on sale in early 2009. If you get one, can I ride shotgun?

Courtesy of Popular Mechanics
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  • @ eug - dude, there's a skyline that parks on the same floor in my parking garage at work. i've done very lewd things to it when nobody's looking...
  • that's damn sexy
  • @Roro - Really? I want to see a new skyline, and drive one for that matter..
  • hmmm... I think I like the older body better. this may need to grow a little, but as of right now I don't like it. I want a Skyline... I have seen 2 in the last week..
  • @ jeff - yah, i thought of that. nice car, but i had an m5 before so not sure how i feel about reverse evolving...

    i kinda like the fangs. they echo the rear signals and make the car more boy-racer. the g37 is for peeps looking for something even more sophisticated/nicer, so it kinda seems like the 370z is well positioned/styled. i would have loved one in high school! ;)
  • ^^^M3 vert?

    About the new Z, I personally find it to be awkward looking and those dumb fangs in the grill don't help.
  • interesting. looks more sophisticated.

    i like the g37 too, and both are coming out with convertibles. the g37 will have a retractable hardtop, the 370z will have a softie. i'm toying with the idea of *gasp* consolidating cars, so i'm looking at fast, fun, 4-seat convertibles. any suggestions? i'm thinking g37, a4, a5(!), 3-series, 6-series... a5 sounds the nicest to me right now. i really like the look of the coupe and can't wait for the convertible.
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