Founded 50 years ago, Father's Office is famous for their signature burgers, sweet potato fries, and an eclectic variety of beer from all over the world. Never has a burger, fries, and beer paired up so well. The establishment is so confident that you'll savor every last bit of your burger, that they won't allow any substitution or customize to it. (no ketchup available) The original F.O, located in Santa Monica, has a max capacity of 76 people, while the new F.O in Los Angeles is about four times larger. One of the only drawbacks is that you may have to wait in line to get in if you go there on a busy night. I wouldn't recommended traveling with a large party - best to travel in packs of two to six. Father's Office Website Santa Monica - Father's Office Reviews on Yelp 1018 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403 310.393.2337 Los Angeles - Father's Office Reviews on Yelp 3229 Helms Ave Los Angeles, CA 90034 310.815.9820 Sweet potato fries to die for

Office burger

Father's Office in LA

Father's Office in Santa Monica

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  • the only problem is the crowds. we used to live up by montana and every time we passed by there would be a line out the door. if there were no crowds this place would way rock.
  • I LOVE Father's Office!!!!!!
    Best burger! MMM the blue cheese, and the grilled onions... I LOOOOOOVE eating there... its just such a hassle cause its always so damn crowded. They also have a HUGE beer selection...
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