Italian illustrator Alessandro Gottardo's beautiful, open and inviting illustrations have been featured in major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Economist and Newsweek among others. He's won numerous awards including the gold medal from The Society of Illustrators New York in 2009.

Gottardo's clever illustrations show us why a minimalist approach can go a long way in telling a story. By taking out all that's unnecessary and distilling ideas down to very basic forms and shapes, Gottardo makes us believe that complicated concepts can be illustrated in surprisingly simple ways. Love the sweet and surreal nature to these.

Added: After we finished this post, we got in touch with Gottardo for an interview. Read that follow-up post, here.

Alessandro Gottardo also goes by the name Shout. He recently released a hardcover book called Shout Mono which you can preview here. I particularly liked this quote from him that was in the product description,

"One day, maybe I will say things that are truly worth listening to, I will say things that belong to me only, and there will be no other way to listen to them EXCEPT looking."

Alessandro Gottardo

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  • it´s amaizing

  • some of these are positively fantastic.
    Abstract Art
  • Very imaginative!
  • These are awesome. It seems like Gottardo drew inspiration from Asia in viewing certain works.
  • Love the simplicity!
  • I agree, Loving the 1st illustration
  • Pure creativity!Absolutely love his use of the prospective from above with small figures immersed in dream landscapes...In some pictures it's just like watching from the top floor of a building without being seen. Great post Alice!
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