Though we all love those words or phrases that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, sometimes we just want to be told the truth. If there's one thing I treasure in this world it is a friend who will give it to me straight. I'll take one real friend over a thousand shallow ones any day.

Don't sugar-coat it for me. Tell me I'm acting absurdly, slap me around, shake me up - be brutally honest. Because if I can't handle the truth, how will I navigate through this life?

If we're in a relationship, be vulnerable. Don't play games. Just tell me what you feel.

Here I've compiled 30+ sayings that are slightly bitter but brutally honest. I hope you enjoy them. (Honestly, I do.)

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  • The Fuck Family, Burn Baby Burn and You Are So Totally Screwed pieces are all from the Some Type Of Wonderful typographic design project. Lots of great pieces there and a calendar for 2010 also.
  • Love these, there funny and very true!!
    And Stephanie is queen of the comments here!!
  • Love these!! Witty, true quotes make me warm and fuzzy!
  • lol
  • They're very good !
    If I understand their philosphical meaning :I should take the key, sleep in the kitchen,fuck everybody ,shouldn't worry about unhappiness and that's for sure If I met me I woulden't like me !
  • These are GREAT! "Novemeber, fuck family, I'm here for the pie!" Classic!
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