30+ Beautiful, Brutally Honest Sayings

Though we all love those words or phrases that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, sometimes we just want to be told the truth. If there's one thing I treasure in this world it is a friend who will give it to me straight. I'll take one real friend over a thousand shallow ones any day.

Don't sugar-coat it for me. Tell me I'm acting absurdly, slap me around, shake me up - be brutally honest. Because if I can't handle the truth, how will I navigate through this life?

If we're in a relationship, be vulnerable. Don't play games. Just tell me what you feel.

Here I've compiled 30+ sayings that are slightly bitter but brutally honest. I hope you enjoy them. (Honestly, I do.)

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  • The Fuck Family, Burn Baby Burn and You Are So Totally Screwed pieces are all from the Some Type Of Wonderful typographic design project. Lots of great pieces there and a calendar for 2010 also.
  • Love these, there funny and very true!!
    And Stephanie is queen of the comments here!!
  • Love these!! Witty, true quotes make me warm and fuzzy!
  • lol
  • They're very good !
    If I understand their philosphical meaning :I should take the key, sleep in the kitchen,fuck everybody ,shouldn't worry about unhappiness and that's for sure If I met me I woulden't like me !
  • These are GREAT! "Novemeber, fuck family, I'm here for the pie!" Classic!
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