Taking paper-cut art to new heights, Hungarian artist Andrea Dezsö created 3D life-size paper-cut portals that transported viewers into another world. Known for her "tunnel books" which are made by individually drawn, cut out, and painted paper that's then layered so that it's stacked one in front of another, she usually makes miniature worlds filled with depth and detail. At Rice Gallery, Dezsö took her tunnel technique one "giant" step further and created them as big as six feet wide. The installation, called Sometimes in My Dreams I Fly, was placed behind Rice Gallery's large glass walls to engage viewers, asking them to peer inside. As Dezsö explains, "I want to transport the viewer, as when you pass by a house and look into a window and see a different world from your own." Inspired by childhood dreams of space travel, Dezsö created this installation so that it's filled with strange creatures that fly, walk and crawl through a metropolis of moon colonies. As she says, "The imaginary lunar landsape reference the Apollo 13 expedition, which never actually made a landing on the Moon. 'Houston, we have a problem' was uttered during the mission and continues to be magically compelling turn of phrase. What captures my imagination is how not being able to go somewhere physically opens the possibility of epic mental Odysseys, and how we can stuff empty space full with rich imaginary worlds, then move in." She continues, "Our imagination was really captured by how these men were exploring places where no one has been before. Because we did not have passports and could not go anywhere from Communist Romania, travel was only possible in your mind."

Watch Dezsö discuss the inspiration for and creation of Sometimes in My Dreams I Fly, here. Dezsö's latest show, titled Things We Think When We Believe We Know, will open at the Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco CA on October 7, 2010. Make sure to check it out! Andrea Dezsö {Photos by rTran75}
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