We'll never look at CDs the same away again after seeing these images of Wastelandscape, an installation by French artist Elise Morin composed of 65,000 old CDs. Care to see this in person? You'll find it in Paris at the Centquatre art space, which was formerly a funeral home. The space is now a unique center for creativity that's open to all types of artistic expression including music, dance and theater.

The artist envisioned Wastelandscape to be like "a still sea of metallic dunes." The CDs were hand-sewn together into an astounding 500-square meter surface and then draped over inflatable mounds.

If you're in Paris, make sure to check this out before September 10, 2011. The exhibition will then travel to other locations, transforming itself each time before the CDs are recycled into polycarbonate.

Centquatre website
via [Dezeen], [DesignBoom]
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  • @Ralph-Thanks for sharing that interesting video :)
  • VIDEO of installation set up.
  • Hand sewn together! Wow...
  • @Ralph-that is actually a brilliant idea! You should get in touch with them and suggest the idea :)
  • Cool Idea. -

  • Very COOL! Very GREEN too by recycling & repurposing old CDs in a new artistic way. Powerful green political statement about waste products. I would LOVE to see a video camera mounted up high to get an overview shot and capture a time lapse video of how the sunlight travels around the space & reflects off all the shimmering CDs throughout the day. That would be interesting.
  • If I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris really soon, this would be first on my list!
  • whaa... absolutely beautiful! i love this.
  • gorgeous! Magical
  • Amazing...
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