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You work longer than the standard 9 to 5. You're closer with your office's cleaning staff than you are with your own family. What better way to enjoy your time at work than with some classic, cool and creative desk accessories? From modern lamps and see-through lampshades to vases that ask you to fill in the story, these seven standout pieces will make your time at work a bit more pleasant.

1. Owl Lamp Shade

This beautiful lamp shade, by German designers Stellavie, not only provides light, it turns your room into a place for art. The intricately detailed lamp shade is manufactured with three different materials: paper, cast acrylic, and polystyrene. It sells for approximately $99 at Stellavie.

2. Pratt LED Table Lamp

Talk about strikingly sleek. West Elm collaborated with students from Pratt Institute to create an energy and cost-efficient LED desk lamp with style. Adjust the head and arm for focused light. It's just $129 at West Elm.

3. Incandescent Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Our favorite designs are, often, incredibly simple. As a clever mashup of art and design, Brooklyn industrial designer Sergio Silva transform a modern object into the very thing it was created to replace. Using old incandescent light bulbs, non-flammable paraffin wax, and a wick, Silva creates some sweet oil lamps. Find out more on Sergio Silva's website.

4. Kozo Lamp

Handmade by two designers from Israel, the Kozo lamps are made of plumping pipes and joints! Using a faucet, the light is turned on and off. The industrial-inspired style uses raw, galvanized iron tubing that doesn't rust and can last for years. Find this style for $245 at Kozo.

5. Wrecking Ball Lamp

Designed by Studio Job, the Wrecking Ball Lamp is like art on your desk! A bulldozer forms the base of the lamp, while a wrecking ball light-bulb brightens up any room. The Crane Lamp is a floor-standing structure also cast from bronze. An enforced cord runs through the core to a hanging light and shade. The pieces were commissioned by Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London. You can find out more by contacting Studio Job.

6. Pouring Light Lamp

Designed by South Korean Yeongwoo Kim, the Pouring Lamp is a fun lighting concept perfect for those who love optical illusions. The lamp freezes "tea" as it spills in mid-air. Simply give the tea bag a tug to turn it on. Find out more about this lamp at Yeongwoo Kim's website.

7. Whale Flower Vase

Who wouldn't love to see this on their desk? This whale flower vase was created by Alessandro Bêda from Lisboa, Portugal. The two-piece flower vase has a blowhole for flowers and comes in either black or white. Simple, elegant and clever! Learn more about it at Alessandro Bêda's Behance page.

Which one is your favorite?
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  • kozo lamp <3
  • So great!
  • love the whale and the wrecking ball lamp, so unique :)
  • @Yang-A little friendly competition does the body good :) haha
  • Love the Whale Vase, It's ADORABLE!!
  • ohhh makes a lot of sense now. went right over my head hahaha. i hope i find the next one first!
  • @Linda Wang Good catch! This post was a "secret" one that's sponsored by Hyundai. You can see read about it here. Below you'll see a few comments with "I Win." Whoever comes in first and leaves a comment with those two words will win the prize that's upside down. We have one more prize to keep an eye out! :)

    PS Love that light bulb oil lamp, too! How clever is that....
  • my favorite is the incandescent light bulb oil lamp :]
    it seems like such a cool fusion of "old light" and "new light" (although i suppose "new light" would be more accurately reflected by a CFL)

    also, is there a reason why the pratt LED table lamp picture is upside down? or am i missing something?
  • Hopefully you guys are disqualified so i can win! :P
  • I win almost.
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