Truth be told, they had me at that hot tub. Pop open the latch and let's all jump in..this house is meant for parties! (What the heck is a kid doing in this picture? Where be the hot ladies?) This modern house, called the Villa Berkel, was designed by architect Paul de Ruiter. Located in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, it keeps to an inside/outside theme that I've come to love. By using natural light and playing with the idea of open space, the house creates a connection to the outdoors in a warm and comforting way, one that's not typical of a modern house. Per the Contemporist: "To create openness and lightness and to give the residents the feeling living outside in the green, the house is entirely oriented to the secluded garden at the south. Every room in the villa looks directly out on to this garden, because three of the four façades are made of glass."

Design + interior Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter bv, Amsterdam Photography Pieter Kers {Via Contemporist}
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  • That is a beautiful house ! Siigh ... One day !
    You amazes me Alice with all the things you can find ! You must be one hell of a crazy browser a typer ! ;-P

    BTW, do you know the website SoCal Modern ?? :
    They list some modern homes for sale in the area, and recently there was an amazing Eichler house for sale in Orange.
    I was dying to buy it !!!! But I didn't caus' I didn't have the money back then, and the schools over there aren't so great.
  • I love it. I feel like some of the concepts were borrowed from Lautner--glass walls, chest-high waterfall, open roof kitchen. Who cares I love it
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