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  • @Vinnie-GREAT way of putting it! haha
  • Loved this, Cori! Talk about modern-day romance...
  • Great!
    But I am right there with you Alyssa, i was just like "Come on!! Take a chance!!"
    "No, arggh, you we so close!"
    "Bahh! Just do ittt!"
    I felt like I was watching a horror movie when I was a kid and I KNEW something bad was gonna happen, but no matter what I did it didn't help!
    Frustrated indeed!
  • I'm glad you liked it. It struck a chord with me when I watched it...

    Now if only I would go out and say the things I want to!
  • There are two things I have to say:
    1) I LOVE the whole concept of this because it is so true!
    2) I don't like how frustrated I get while watching. I want them to just SAY it! But I that's the whole point isn't it? To get us to say the things we want to.
    Either way, FANTASTIC post Cori! :)
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