Stranded on a seemingly deserted island, a scantily clad, drop-dead gorgeous redhead finds herself in a precarious situation. Knowing she has to work to survive, she creates animal traps and large SOS signs in hopes to catch some food and get rescued. Little does she know, she's actually not alone. A mysterious man has her in his sight, and suddenly appears to surprise her. The rest of the story is unknown, but you can check out this set for more clues.

These photos are courtesy of New York-based photographer Tom Hines, who shot these for the The Lake & Stars 2010 Spring/Summer Lingerie Lookbook.

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  • nice Geiger counter - second photo
  • great blog

    I like this over all concept - I have built a couple of picture story blogs - however, they don't receive many hits are good comments - i will follow this blog and link too this blog
  • @Aubree - Totally!!
  • Reminds me of the british red-head chick from Lost.
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