Award winning American photographer Geof Kern takes our world and turns it upside down. Inspired by post-modernist painters and cinematic actors/directors such as Buster Keaton and Jean-Luc Godard, Kern's storytelling style has an artistic as well as a deadpan nature to it. His black-and-white photos may remind you of another Met favorite, Rodney Smith, in that both have the ability to create timeless photos that, on closer inspection, seem slightly surreal. Read a short interview with Geof at Partfaliaz where he talks about his background and how cinema has influenced his style.

Geof Kern via [Whitezine]
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  • Incredible ....just Incredible
  • Wonderful  land
  • Awesome...
  • Wonderful
  • I love the shark restaurant too!
  • Ahaha...Love the man with half umbrella!
  • love the shark restaurant!
  • So cool!! And pretty creative too! I love the balloon shot. The b/w pics are awesome!
  • The piano and chair are so cool.
  • These are pretty cool
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