We know that a long day at work can be tiring, but have you ever seen people so sleepy that they can't stay awake in public spaces? Photographer Adrian Storey definitely has! The photographer, also known as Uchujin, has taken it upon himself to capture all of the dreaming citizens of Tokyo, where he is currently based. The series, titled Let the Poets Cry Themselves to Sleep, features plenty of commuters that can't seem to keep their eyes open, lounging in the most unusually public spaces. I understand falling asleep on a subway ride home after a grueling day, but not even making it down the steps to the subway platform without dozing off? Maybe these people need a vacation…

Per the photographer's request, all images have been removed from this post.

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  • Doodle Bean, thanks for sharing the background on the Japanese work ethic. It's really admirable and noble of them to be so diligently loyal. Even though they may not take vacations, they most certainly deserve it for their exhausting efforts. If anything, to avoid karoshi. Again, thank you for sharing this insightful information.

  • People in Japan work insanely long hours in demanding companies. In addition, many live long distances away from their work because of the expense of living in the major cities such as Tokyo. It's no wonder the combination of very long commutes and exhausting work schedule result in sleep deprivation and exhaustion. The Japanese even have a term for death from overwork, karoshi.

    In response to the conclusion that they 'need a vacation', most Japanese deliberately refrain from taking vacation days to show loyalty to their employers. It's the cost of staying employed in Japan.

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