Alex Stoddard's New Dark and Eerie Photo

The ever talented Alex Stoddard recently created this powerful photo. Called A Destructive Force, it shows a a tall, thin man in a suit covering the eyes of a young girl, while a plume of smoke rises in the background.

Alex shared with us some behind-the-scenes info, as well as a few of his own interpretations:

"I shot A Destructive Force on a whim, as I do with a lot of my work. Lately, I have loved photographing children, especially in more sinister situations. There's something I find intriguing about combining the innocence of a child with a dark, eerie scene. (Here is another one.) The subjects were my boyfriend Brian and his young cousin Aubrey.

"I intended for their interaction, body language, and the mystery of their hidden faces to lend an uneasy feeling to the image. I want the viewer to debate with himself the intentions of the man and the cryptic smoke billowing from the horizon. Is he protecting her from the sight of the destruction or are the two perhaps connected to its creation?"

As always, amazing.

If you are unfamiliar with Stoddard's work, make sure to check out his stunning self-portraits taken when he was just 17 and 18-years-old. Love how he's always pushing his creative boundaries.

Alex Stoddard on Flickr

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Comment by Pinar on November 20, 2012 at 9:43am
Uneasy feeling? Check. Debating what the man's intentions are? Check. Really haunting stuff. Great work!

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