Croatia-based artist Alexander Pieri is a trained graphic designer who specializes in web design, corporate identity, and illustrations. In his series, Days with Colors, the artist has taken on a more personal endeavor by blending palettes of watercolors together to form these abstract scenes. Each image is grounded with one or two human figures, suggesting that the swirls of color overhead have meaning beyond the visibly conceptual forms.

The series consists of four volumes in which the images progress from one shape to the next. In Volume 1, Pieri focuses on square and rectangular shapes, and later, in Volume 4, the objects begin to take on more round and globe-like forms. Pieri's many travels around the world have influenced much of his work. In Days with Colors, every abstract backdrop seems to represent a more concrete reality of the artist's previous observations. Through shapes, colors, and pastel shades, Pieri has documented his adventures and explorations through beautiful abstraction.

Alexander Pieri's website
via [My Darkened Eyes]

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