My Modern Shop Spotlight #1 - Ignite by Alexis Mire

We've recently announced the launch of My Modern Shop, a project inspired by our readers looking to purchase affordable artwork created by today's most contemporary artists featured here on My Modern Met. To give you a taste of the content featured in the shop, we'll be spotlighting a piece of artwork or photography each week. Sparks literally fly in our first featured work titled Ignite by photographer Alexis Mire.

Reminiscent of those summer nights at the height of one's youth where fireworks illuminate the night sky and laughter fills the air, there's a jubilant excitement about the image. The faceless girl in her floral summer dress pedaling a storm of flares behind her is nothing if not a young daredevil epitomizing carefree fun familiar to generations past and present. The creative 20-year-old does a stellar job of emanating an infectious air of good times that you wish could last forever.

This print is currently available to purchase through My Modern Shop.

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