Shanghai has gone completely berserk with bright lights and flashing bunnies. "Rabbit Wonderland" is series of innovative outdoor LED interactive sculptures meant to bring color, laughter and warmth to the streets of Shanghai during the 2008 Shanghai eArts Festival presented by Super Nature Design and W+K Shanghai. The iconic rabbit is seen as a symbol of peace in Chinese culture.

I like how flashing images on the large LED sculptures are controlled by the public.

People can chill under the large intergalactic mass of flashing LEDs.

This bunny is activated by sound.

The second installation, "Beneath", is inspired by the underwater world. It involves five visual elements: "water ray", "turbulence", "dropping star" (above), "water cloud" and "flying jellyfish" (below). The installation is meant to embrace communication in a silent world, and responds to gestures and movements of individuals through visual abstractions.

Rabbit Wonderland from W+K Shanghai on Vimeo. Courtesy of Super Nature Design and Designboom
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    Shanghai #1 !!
  • That's insane! Man--I bet Al Gore and Leo aren't to happy about these sculptures...
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