As a person who's always seeking a bit of solitude, I was instantly drawn to these photos. They're by a young girl named Lauren who swears she doesn't use Photoshop. In fact, the only editing she's done is change the contrast, saturation and sharpness. Each photo is beautiful by itself but put them together and a pattern emerges. They're of young girls caught up in their own thoughts, searching for answers in a beautiful but lonely world.

Lauren (aka look left and look right) Related: Moments of Solitude (18 photos) Soul Searching Landscapes (8 pics)
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  • This is a fantastic collection. It reminds me of a painting by Caspar David Friedrick called Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog: Found this post through StumbleUpon, btw. :)
  • a bitmap reminder tht a time of "aloneness" is rejuvenating the soul.. tq!
  • love this! thanks for posting (: love your blog alice!
  • Love the silhouettes at the bottom!
  • beautiful
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