The beauty of nature surrounds us every day, but during a large snowstorm, that idea can easily be forgotten as we rush inside to find warmth. Andrew Osokin isn't deterred by the cold. In fact, as the first flakes of snow fall from the sky and ice covers the ground, the Moscow-based photographer captures the unique wonder of nature in these macro photographs.

Osokin's work shows off a great deal of patience, a quick eye for small details, and a love for crawling around on the ground with his camera. Through his work, the artist brings alive a world that would otherwise go unnoticed. He captivates us with his images by revealing the complex geometry of single, delicate snowflakes before they quickly melt away or the patterns of ice that cover the ground in stunning shapes and forms. The final results? Gorgeous reflections of the complexity of nature and the tiny details in our larger universe just waiting to be found.

Andrew Osokin's website
via [My Edol]

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