Nereides is a stunning fashion photo shoot for a collection by Elen Om by Moscow-based photographer Andrey Yakovlev and art director Lili Aleeva. Titled after the sea nymphs from Greek mythology, the series presents a number of beautiful women who have washed ashore decked out in sparkling garments.

The romanticized collection juxtaposes the bewitching ladies with an equally breathtaking setting along a coastline. Even the silvery fish that line the netting they've been caught in with one of the nymphs don't take away from the beauty of the scene. Everything in each frame, from color and form to the model's pose and composition, complement each other and work in unison to project a gorgeous fashion series.

Yakovlev and Aleeva on Behance

via [ego-alterego]
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  • Great stuff, especially the first and last in this sequence. Great model too.

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