Single topic blog Animals Riding Animals features exactly what you'd expect: animals riding other animals. The hilarious and at times adorable (see: Chick riding kitten, below) Tumblr blog includes all members of the animal kingdom, from your basic house cat and dog to barnyard animals and exotic wildlife. The blog first launched in December 2010, but it has only in the last two months been especially fruitful with image after image of entertaining animal combinations. There are even a few gifs thrown in to show the feathered, furry, aquatic, reptilian, and amphibious creatures giving each other a ride.

Top photo: Goat riding a sheep

Dog riding a pony

Goat riding a horse

Dog riding a dog

Monkey riding a pig

Koala riding a dog

Dog riding a pig

Monkey riding a goat

Lion riding a horse

Birds riding an antelope

Dragonfly riding a kingfisher

Cat riding a dog

Chick riding kitten

Dog riding a dolphin

Cat riding a ram

Hyrax riding a tortoise

Animals Riding Animals blog
via [BuzzFeed]

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