The long awaited tablet gets its debut today. The biggest product launch since the iPhone, Steve Jobs shows off the roughly 10 inch tablet computer that will bridge the gap between smartphones and laptop computers. Starting at $499 and available in March, the iPad resembles an oversized iPod Touch. So will this product revolutionize the way we consume media? We'll have to see. Till then, head on over on over to Apple to read all about it. First thoughts?
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  • it would be great if they would come out with a pocket sized version, this one is too bulky... oh wait.

    i also cant fathom why they released this with a 4:3 screen and not 16:9.
  • I used Tablet PCs from Motion Computing for 4 years before my company made me stop in the name of "standardization". They worked amazingly well when I traveled to a meeting, gave a presentation, and took notes (something I have to do a LOT). They were light, had a great form factor, and the handwriting recognition was superb. Some of that came from the hardware but a lot of it came from the OS. Yep, Microsoft really put a lot of effort into making the Tablet versions of Windows work amazingly well. They never caught on though with the larger audience of laptop users.

    It seems to me that Apple has taken away one of the best parts of the Tablet PC, the handwriting part, and replaced it with something that is NOT going to work for business users, a touch screen virtual keyboard. What that means is this will stay in the "toy" category. Some wealthy, hip designers will use it in their businesses but for the most part sales will go to couch surfers (and I don't mean people who sleep on other people's couches). I don't see a lot of those people laying out $500+ for this.
  • Oh, well this is awkward. (re prev. post comments.)
  • The iPad: Now more absorbent and with wings!
  • Steve Jobs still looks a little sick in his pic above.
  • The downfall will be typing on it. The virtual keyboard isnot conducive to typing well. I think people will be very disappointed when they try it.
  • I think this is a great little toy from Apple. Because the functions are similar to other Apple products, it is easy to use and everything seems familiar. There could be many uses for this product: Doctors could put their patient's info into the iPad, and synchronize it with the hospital's network. Students could upload text books on it. The list goes on and on. Think about the amount of paper this could save...

    On top of that, I'm sure newer versions will come out with more features. The topper is that there are so many open source apps, iPad could be used so many ways.
  • Here is a video describing more functions by Steve Jobs:

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