There is something so simply beautiful about Douglas Walker's paintings. It could be that he only paints using the colors blue and white or that his works evoke a memory of your parent's Chinese paintings hanging in your old house. He tells us that he's inspired by so many things, "suspension bridges, landscapes by J.M. Turner, paintjobs on funnycars, skyscraper drawings by Hugh Ferriss, chinoiserie, moon paintings by Chesley Bonestell, blue and white pottery, pinups by Alberto Vargas, botanical illustrations, the DIY technique of Henri Rousseau, airbrush illustrations of tools in old catalogues, the fantasies of John Martin, Chinese brush painting and children's books." And when he mentions "national geographic magazines" we nod our head because we can see it beneath the surface of his work. I've always admired artists that can create art that is unique and distinct but I am even more impressed by those that can evoke an emotion in the viewer. As Douglas Walker states, "It's my intention to make paintings that ask 'what is that?, 'where is that?, who is that?, and when is this'? I delight in the unexplored and the excitement of discovery and I love it when it all works and the viewer feels it too." Wonderful!

Douglas Walker website
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  • beeeoootiiiful
  • Ooh this should serve as inspiration to the next Cirque du Soleil show
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