Varlose, Denmark-based freelance architectural and landscape photographer Kim Holtermand takes photos that make you appreciate life's still moments. There's an underlining moodiness to his work - you can almost feel the heavy fog surrounding the buildings or weaving through the trees. His attention to color, composition, lines and angles doesn't go unnoticed. In fact, it should come as no surprise that before he began his photographic career, Holtermand worked as a graphic designer.

I got in touch with Holtermand to ask him about his technique. I also asked him where most of these incredible shots were taken. Here is what he told us.

"I usually just shoot digital with different Canon DSLR's and use various lenses from Canon, Tokina, Samyang and others.
I use different techniques when working on my photos such as bleaching, desaturating, and toning. It's a bit complicated but not rocket science.

"Most of my work has been shot in Scandinavia; Denmark and Sweden in paticular, but also in Barcelona, Mallorca and in The Azores."

Kim Holtermand's website
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  • love the dreamscene of the boat on the pond and the one on the water's edge - stunning !
  • love the buildings in this
  • When you see the pictures with the fog, you feel the cold air! Nicely done.
  • This is just impressive beyond words!
  • wow wow wow
  • Great work!
  • Breathtaking architecture!
    And I always love a good foggy haze...
  • Very beautiful. Very moody.
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