Springfield, Massachusetts-based photographer Julie Blackmon gives us a new take on childhood with these stunning black-and-white photos. As the oldest of nine siblings and now as the mother of three, she has always been surrounded by family. In this series, she doesn't necessarily focus on documenting individual children, rather, she tells us intriguing stories about how children play.

Julie Blackmon
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  • Julie Blackmon has lived her entire life in Springfield, Missouri.

  • These photos are amazing--not only because they turn small childhood moments into art-- but they tell a whole story in that captured moment.
  • @sam- Blackmon definitely captured the innocence of childhood. Great observation! :)

    My favorite picture is of the little boy standing on the bed and wearing a cape. His posture says it all: don't mess with me, I'm a superhero! I think that's every boys mentality at that age. Oh to be young again!
  • Love how these photo's capture the innocence of childhood.
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