Aurelie Curie is a photographer who explores the world, high and low, to shoot rare, urban vantage points filled with mystery and wonder. In her series, Above, Curie climbed to to the top of buildings and bridges to capture the many quiet moments that occur in a city. In each photograph, she combines a broad urban composition with the close details of buildings and bridge architecture to form her collection of fascinating cityscapes. Curie says, "I wander the hidden places and find beauty in infrastructure."

As her model, you cannot be afraid of heights! She often has her subjects precariously balancing on the edges of buildings or perched on the corners of rooftops. Viewers are immediately drawn into her stories. The images spark a curiosity about why each person has chosen to stand so close to the edge. Curie certainly has an adventurous spirit as she takes us on an incredible journey across the highest points she can find.

Aurelie Curie's website
via [Ian Brooks]

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  • Excellent body of work !

  • Stunning...absolutely stunning. I am in awe and envy! I love getting high above the rest and looking down. I'm new at it but totally addicted. Congrats to you for creating such beautiful images!

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