Spectacular Aurora Borealis Photos Taken This Week

This week, photographers in several countries including Scotland, England, Finland, Norway, and Canada saw their skies light up as the largest solar radiation storm in seven years created gorgeous auroras. A coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetic field, sparking a geomagnetic storm around the Arctic Circle. (Read more about it on Yahoo News.) Stargazers were out in force in northern Europe while those in Alaska camped out in sub-zero temperature to catch the stunning light shows. Lucky for us, they also captured and shared these breathtaking shots of the colorful lights that dramatically filled the sky.

Now, here are our favorite aurora borealis or northern lights photos (plus one must-see video) taken just this past week.

Photo credit (above): Ole C. Salomonsen


Gudmundur Olafsson

David Cartier, Sr.

David Cartier, Sr.

Gudmundur Olafsson

Ole Christian Salomonsen

Ole Christian Salomonsen

Bjørn Jørgensen

Jaromir Stanczyk

Jaromir Stanczyk

Peter Rosen

Arnar Bergur Guðjónsson

Rune Stoltz Bertinussen, Associated Press

Lights Over Lapland

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Comment by Àngel Cantero Navarro on January 28, 2012 at 2:36am

Yeah it's spectacular, i wanna see it .


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