We first got to know Matt Mawson with his beautiful Queensboro bridge series and now the London-based photographer takes us to New York City's own Coney Island. Mawson does a fantastic job capturing the mystery surrounding the scene. I love his choice of color and saturation and how he emphasizes the importance of this memorable place.

Matt Mawson on Behance
via [Who Designed It?]
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  • @Kevin-Thank you for sharing that :)
  • "So many images have been shot at Coney Island so you have to try and do something
    different otherwise why bother."

    Thanks Kevin and Alyssa! I learned a-lot from this. Especially the post production notes. Please also thank Matt for me.
  • Here's the response I got from Matt:
    "I really don't know what to say in that time was quite tight when I went
    there on a really hot day last summer and the method of picture taking is
    generally the same whatever I do. I come from a photo-journalist
    background so I shoot quite rapidly darting from one place to another
    shooting whenever an opportunity presents itself which sometimes means
    shooting from the hip as it were. I am always on the lookout for a person
    wandering into a scene that may catch my eye and sometimes hoping for an
    unexpected moment or a happy accident and I sometimes place myself
    somewhere graphically pleasing expecting something to happen. The images
    taken of Coney Island funfair from the subway were shot from the hip at
    speed as I saw the scene flash passed and was lucky they worked, But I
    suppose long experience working in some dangerous places means you have to
    kind of see things out the corner of your eye and react. So many images
    have been shot at Coney Island so you have to try and do something
    different otherwise why bother.

    Coney Island, to me, suggests a kind of down at heal location and
    colourless but fascinating all the same as it has been alluded to in so
    many songs and images so in post production I de-saturated the images a
    bit and added a fair amount of contrast an added a slight sepia tone to
    the shadows until I got what you see. I used there a Canon 5d2 and a bit
    of fill-flash from a small Canon speedlight, forgotten the name but the
    smallest they do."
  • @Linda-he is an excellent photographer! You should check out his other works

    @Ed-I'll look into for you :)
  • These are great! Is there a name for the technique of muting the colors, especially on the 4rth photo?
  • so many great shots!

    i especially love:

    the brightness of the woman's red dress in the 3rd shot
    the legs flying in the air on the ride in the 6th shot
    the sad stuffed puppy that seems to be racing forward on the stroller, in search of better days

    what talent!
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