What happens when you take immaculate traditional Japan and mash it up with violence, vulgarity and all things spawned from hell? You get a badass combo that seems lethal just looking at it. Using only black white and the occasional splash of red Shohei Otomo creates a bold and gripping effect.Every single image he presents to us is like a punchline in a black comedy. If you don't have a sense of humor you might not wanna look at them at all. However, it's virtually impossible not to be impacted by these striking images the split second it hits your retina.For the lucky few who read Japanese, you have the chance to find out more about the artist on his website. Me..I just visited to browse his impressive gallery.

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  • Aah..I believe Shohei has a new true fan. ;) v
  • I like this so much it became the wallpaper on my Droid. I took the liberty of coloring the geisha pic and it turned out awesome.

  • I absolutely love the first one! I would totally put that up in my office. I think he should be the set designer / costumer for the next round of Kill Bill movies!
  • So cool! Awesome post!
  • love his use of color! fantastic, inka! thanks!!
  • These are so cool! They evoke such a mixture of emotions.
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