If you're afraid of heights, this will definitely rattle your nerves! 30-year-old Eskil Ronningsbakken performs some of the most dangerous balancing acts I’ve ever seen. Risking death at any given moment, the Norwegian rides bicycles upside down, balances on chairs over cliffs, and on stands ice thousands of feet high. "That's the balance between life and death, and that is where life is." he says.

Literally running away when he was 18 to join the circus, Eskil finely perfected his craft with the Moscow State Circus. Honing his natural talents over the past 11 years, he has now reached a level of athletic excellence mixed with spiritual calm.

It's especially intriguing to hear how he deals with fear. "'I feel fear, of course I do, we are humans and we have a natural sense of self-preservation," he says. "However, I must control that before I undertake any new project because that would lead to lethal mistakes. If I ever find myself totally fearless then that is when I will stop what I am doing."

via dailymail

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  • Sorry but Dude comes from dudeism ? not very a take it easy man !
  • HAHA @ Charles, too funny. I totally agree, but these are some crazy pics.
  • I can feel cold running down my spine while wathching them.
    Yes why taking such risks (doesn't take merit out of the feat)
  • WHY!
    That dude on the bike needs to put some clothes on.
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