my friend's receipt from his recent trip to Vegas. WTF MAN.i guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…….. until the credit card bill shows up.
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  • These kind of hotel prices are stupid! I see this all the time in hotels I stay at. Last week I paid $17 for ONE DRINK at a hotel bar in DC and that was without the tip! I am really over it.

    If you want to have a party like this in your room do not call Room Service. Call a local liquor store. Tell the guy "I'll give you $200 to deliver me the following liquor...." I am certain that he will happily comply and you'll save probably $6000 off this bill.
  • Don't die ! Take his head off !!!! joking ! If he was drank, does he really remember how many bottles he ordered ?
  • 15 bottles? i don't think we had that much booze even during freshmen hazing. that's a good night out, hope he got to lay down with a woman.
  • Did they try to reproduce the "Hangover" movie !!?! How many people to gulp 15 Greys ???
    Man and on top of tat they add a 20% tip !! What a rip-off !
  • WOW! That is one crazy bar tab!
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