Be Kind...Rewind

Not unlike the virtual chronological tour I gave you here, my last day abroad was pretty low-key. I woke up, read a book on the balcony, had a crêpe (2 to be exact) in the town square in Fira, then headed back up and took a nap.

The chicken crêpe was so-so (reminded me of chicken pot-pie) but the dessert crêpe was memorable just because the guy put an entire jar of Nutella in it. It wasn't as fluffy as the version I had in Paris, but goddamn if it wasn't overstuffed with the dark goo.

My last day abroad was so good that I had to share it with my colleagues at work by sending them the pictures I took and, to make sure that they received the email, marked it "important" and titled the subject, "EXTREMELY URGENT". I'm sure that they were delighted to see the great photos, since they were in the middle of the weekly Monday morning meeting.

I'm so thoughtful yet expect nothing in return. I'm just your average diamond-in-the-rough.

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  • great pics--thanks for sharing!
  • Great photos!
  • Awesome photos! Santorini - ahhh one of my favorite places in the world! Hilarious that you sent them that email...heehee hoo hoo...
  • What a nice guy you are to make sure your coworkers got your email! I'm sure they loved it ;<)

    The pics are awesome and the thought of a Nutella crepe is making me very hungry right now.
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