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Beautifully Unwrapped Flowers (15 photos)

Taking beautiful photos of flowers from Flickr, Golan Levin and Kyle McDonald worked their magic to give us a whole new way of enjoying them. Using panoramic-imaging software that they co-wrote, they produced flower panoramas, or panoramic images from inside a flower.

The software was originally created not to unwrap flowers, however, but to unwrap the 360-degree panoramic digital videos produced by the popular Sony Bloggie solid-state camera. They modified the software and called it FlowerUnwarper, optimizing it for unwarping flower images. They've even provided the source code, so you can try this out yourself!


Dahlia 2

Anemone Flower

Strokes' Aster


Passion Fruit Flower

English Daisy


Daisy 2

Daisy 3


Pink Wood Sorrel


Queen Victoria Agave


The whole flower set can be found on Flickr.

via todayandtomorrow

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  • Amazing
  • Nature is wonderful
  • what a cool new way of looking at flowers. thanks, alice!
  • The passion fruit one looks like a nice fantasy land that I'd find some weird strange creatures in. Fantastic.
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