Exclusive Video: A Rare Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Modern Met

When Intel's "tips" website that we've been writing for over the last few years, LifeScoop, asked if we wanted to shoot a behind-the-scenes video of our company, I was a little hesitant. While it's easy to share all the beautiful and inspiring art with the world, it's a bit scary to step into the spotlight yourself. My partner Eugene, who also just so happens to be my brother, and I decided to tackle the project together. You can watch it now over at LifeScoop.

In this short film, shot by New York-based Daniel Frei of The Frei Group, we take you inside the studio of an artist we helped break online, Andrew Myers, and around Thinkspace, one of our very favorite art galleries located in Los Angeles.

More than anything, we hope it shows you how much we love and appreciate our jobs and how thankful we are that we get to bring all 5 million of you a month, something inspiring to look at each and every day.

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