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New York-based fine art photographer Ben Zank produces a new photograph every single day. The dedicated young artist focuses on the surreal, creating self-portraits that can't always be explained, but that can certainly keep his viewers captivated. He is talented and committed to making art, and the results are an extensive collection of creative realities.

The artist says, "I go wherever my imagination takes me." Zank has a keen eye for natural beauty, identifying simple backdrops as the setting for many of his out of the ordinary scenes. Some examples of Zank's fantastic world include his body contained in a glass box in the middle of the forest, trapped beneath the surface of a frozen lake, and floating between mysteriously hovering metal rings.

If you like Zank's work, check out his Etsy shop to buy any one of the prints from his 365 days project.

Ben Zank's website
via [Don't Hate, Curate]

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