Most of us are used to sticking our plugs into electrical outlets, but what if we could use household plants as an alternative power source? Biophotovoltaics believes that this idea is well within our reach and created an innovative concept called the Moss Table. Energy is created through the process of photosynthesis, where electrons are captured through conductive fibers, and chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.

What's even more impressive is that the moss table can already produce enough electricity to power smaller devices. Scientists predict that future Bio-Photo-Voltaic (BPV) technology will soon be able to power larger ones.

Biophotovoltaics website
via [Inhabitat]

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  • This cannot work! BUT would be so nice!

  • Cool concept. The light could even power itself. Issue with this is that plants and moss are usually went. Plants are living, and could get the electrodes dirty or erode it completely. After maybe half a year I think this would be inoperable, like those solar patio lights.

  • Very cool idea!

  • Killing so many birds with one stone! You have a house plant, a side table and a lamp! Perfect for small spaces...and its energy efficient too!! This thing is awesome! I hope they go through with this concept.

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