Apple's unveiled a new iPhone today, the iPhone 3G S -- the "s" stands for speed. Although it looks almost exactly like the 3G, it's much, much faster -- some tasks are almost four times faster. Data speeds are upped to 7.2Mbps HSDPA, and the camera is now a 3 megapixel unit with tap-to-autofocus and auto white balance -- and just as expected, it now supports 30fps VGA video recording with editing features. You're also getting a built-in compass, Nike+ support, and a new battery that offers 5 hours of 3G talk time and 9 hours of WiFi internet use.

There are some surprises, too -- holding down the home button now enables a new voice control interface that lets you do everything from make calls to control iTunes, and Apple's touting a new "fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating."

New and end-of-contract pricing is set at $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB when it goes on sale June 18th Stateside and in 80 more countries in August -- and the current 8GB 3G will remain on sale for $99, effective immediately. You'll have to pay a bit more if you're mid-contract, though -- $299 for the 3G and $399/$499 for the 3G S. -engadget

via engadget and fubiz.

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  • eh.. unimpressive.. Apple knows that that to get the praise they love so much they have to be ground breaking.. this was mostly a software upgrade.. the vast majority of the changes internally won't change new and old ownership.. its just the phone to have.. it could be 100mhz.. people just want it.. I would like to have seen more colors, or a front facing camera, maybe even a thinner sleeker design.. I suppose they want to keep us in suspense.
  • Well... for now I would say I'm happy enough with my iPod Touch... which means I would love to buy this new iPhone but it would be damn to expensive when it arrives here in August. Not because of the price itself, but beacuse of the permanence contract you have to sign with the mobile company that has the exclusive of iPhone in Spain. Grrrr!!
  • Nice features added, like copy-paste, a spotlight search on the entire phone, video recording, voice commands... The camera was definitely the big minus on the previous model.
    But keep in mind that most of the improvement come from the New iPhone software revision (iPhones OS3.0) and not the hardware. The new iPhone 3GS has a 600Mhz vs 400Mhz prcessor, but most of the gains in speed comes from the software update and previous gen of iPhone will see huge gain in perf also (in Safari mostly).
    32 GB iPhone at last is nice...
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