How amazingly awesome are these? For her Masters in Graphic Design thesis project at New England School of Art and Design, Emily Roose created these cross stitch scenes taking content from breaking news stories. Calling the set Slow Breaking News, each one took her 25 hours to make. Her aim? To juxtapose the fast nature of news with the slow nature of cross stitching. "I wanted to see how this transference of medium affects the message of these stories and highlights the absurdity of the way stories are reported in the media and the way we consume them," she says.

"I think of the process of cross-stitching news stories as a kind of 'test,' as in: does x, y or z news story pass the cross-stitch test? A year or two later, does the story still have enough relevance to not seem absurd archived in this permanent and time-consuming (~25 hrs each) medium?"

The Sketchy Pixel website
via [Quipsologies]
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