Many iconic bridges were built in the last century - the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, and Sydney Harbour Bridge, just to name a few. But what will bridges look like in the future? Seoul-based architecture firm, Planning Korea, gives us the answer... Instead of serving just one purpose, the Paik Nam June Media Bridge in Seoul, South Korea is a .67 mile (1080m) megastructure would serve as a park, meeting space, mall, museum, and more. In addition to providing new green space to the city, the whole bridge would be covered with solar panels to generate its own energy. The bridge’s overall shape is organic, fluid, and streamlined. Travelers are encouraged to ditch their cars and walk or bike across instead. Horizontal and vertical gardens would be introduced on each floor and would be watered using river and rainwater. The skin of the bridge can be used as a canvas to showcase video installations and other media.

Thanks wishNYa, for the tip! Planning Korea via [designboom], [Inhabitat]
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  • CTM!! weno weno
  • That would be extremely cool and that would be so neat to see.
  • WTF!! O.O Very impressive!
  • This bridge is BEAUTIFUL! I was just in Seoul two weeks ago, there's so much going on there in terms of innovative design. Wish I could have stayed longer.
  • TNX Again! I Really LOVE this Hybrid-bridge! ;)
  • All credit goes to WishNYa. She's the one that submitted it. =)
  • thanks for the upload Eugene, these pics are so inspiring!
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