Awesome GIFs of "Flare Surfing"

A couple of years ago, while on the Red Bull Minor Threat trip in Indonesia, professional surfer Bruce Irons decided to take his sport to the next level by strapping a few flares onto his board. What resulted is a stunning visual spectacle that looks almost like a man riding the waves on a board of flames. Irons admits that he wasn't too keen on the idea when fellow team member Sam McIntosh suggested the "flare surfing" idea to him. However, in the end, he opted to perform the stunt, not knowing just how awesome the blazing trail of inferno would look at night through the water.

Check out the video, below, of Irons in action and talking about the incredible trick.

via [reddit, Chicka-Chicka Gifs]
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  • I'm not a volunteer lifeguard and I am sure lifeguards themselves can discern what is going on but the general public often don't and will make the call. Maybe they are some distance from the scene and can only see the flare. Either way Flares are not play things. They have one very important use. If their meaning has duality it has the potential to cost lives. Before, if a flare is lit it means someone is in trouble. Now it could mean they are in trouble or just messing about with it. Not good!

  • This is fantastic! Don't worry, Jonathan, I have faith in lifeguards/coastguards intelligence.... unless you're a volunteer lifeguard......god help us.

  • Great, so when a surfer is in trouble and needs to use a flare to get help nobody will care because they'll think it's just surfers playing with flarey flares... stoked dude. Idiot! What about all the false call outs for the volunteer lifeguards and coastguards. Pretty irresponsible of Red Bull to be promoting something as stupid as this.

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