Check this out! If you're using Windows and you're on a PC (sorry Mac people, we get no love), check out this new 3D desktop user interface. The BumpTop is an installable software program that overlays your Window's desktop, giving you a 3-D view desktop. You can drag pictures to pin on virtual walls, stack your files like the real paper files... Watch the video to see how this works. They had me at the Facebook picture upload. There is a free and Pro version ($29). Both the free and Pro versions include the primary features such as piling, icon interaction, intuitive gestures, themes, widgets and zooming photo slideshows. The Pro version also allows users to create an unlimited number of Sticky notes (free version capped at 2), allows users to flip through piles as a search mechanism and includes a premium level of technical support for users. BumpTop website
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  • the windows desktop is already very quickly over-cluttered so now you can pile 3 times more junk !!!
  • Really cool! Reminds me of Microsofts Surface.
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