It's quite easy to get swept up in the fast pace of today's modern world. Urban growth is rapid and, in the next twenty years, nearly 60 percent of the world will be city dwellers. Photographer Martin Roemers believes that “even with their bustle and chaos, megacities retain their human aspects.” His series Metropolis is a documentation of the rise of these cities and the relationships humans have within these crowded spaces.

In all of the images he uses long exposures to show the city’s energy and restlessness through movement. When speaking about his work, Roemers says that “every megacity is a theatre and every city has a different stage and different actors, but in the end every single one of them is trying to make its way in today’s modern society."

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Comment by James LaCroix on January 30, 2012 at 8:43am
Makes me want to go out and shoot these type of shots in Shanghai!

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