This ad campaign created by GSD&M shows off all the different parts of Caesars Entertainment by creating their logo out of different objects. "Each object represented an aspect of their brand; Celebrity chefs, shopping, spas, etc, and their iconic laurel." Instead of taking on the extremely difficult task of trying to create this extensive layering effect in these logos were actually created using the objects and photographed!

The ads effectively show off everything Caesars Entertainment has to offer in a simple and engaging way. The majority of the photography was done in just two days. The image layout was projected onto the paper rolls so the objects could be placed properly in place. Adam Voorhes, the photographer, elaborates, "We captured as much as we could in camera. And after lots of work, glue, paint, and a few stiff drinks we had a print campaign."

Agency: GSD&M
Brand: Caesars Entertainment
Creative Director: Mike Ferrer
Copy Writer: Mark Bielik
Art Buyer: Shannon McMillan
Photographer: Adam Voorhes

via [Beautiful Life,Voohres]

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