Yes, The French Laundry does make for a memorable meal, but I don't think it's the tantric orgasm that many make it out to be. To be fair, however, I thought the meal was comparable to the one at Sona, but a pinch short of those found at Alain Ducasse or Pierre Gagnaire.

One noteworthy item: the pork belly. So goddamn good I knocked over my glass of water when my boner hit the bottom of the table.

Is it worth $600 (for two) and an annoying drive up to Napa to sample the 3-Michelin Star menu? I suppose, if you've never been and want to experience fine French dining without having to fly to Paris. Otherwise, it's just somewhere to go to say that you've been.

Like that time your buddy asked you to show his sister around town because he was working late and somehow you two ended up barhopping, doing Jägerbombs and then hooking up. It's not like it was planned, but at least now you can die knowing that you did!

Entire course in photos here.

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  • I can only agree that is a fabulous place to go to
  • This is my fav post from you so far. Thank you!
  • Your mention of pork belly reminded me of a traditional Romanian dish, veal belly soup. You should try it once there, it is memorable!
  • One question : are the rents expensive ? Not critisizing the food but trying to find an explanation for the bill.

    Don't you get any of these tiny typical French restaurant with plates full of huge salad with lardons and poached egg, scalop with white wine creamy sauce and a real home made apple tart .All the meal wash down with a nice wine.
    this for, I would say max 40- 50 euros per person ?
  • "So goddamn good I knocked over my glass of water when my boner hit the bottom of the table." Classic. So funny....
  • <--- so jealous.

    nice write up and pics e
  • Good that the guy had a big zoom to picture what was in the plate !! :)))
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