If your answer to that question is no, then perhaps you haven't seen this modern house in Bergen, Norway. The architect, Todd Saunders, and the client collaborated to create a home that was as beautiful as it was livable.

Saunders say, “the client is very intelligent and has a acute interest in architecture. He challenged us the whole time, but never can got in the way of out design process. The family has documented their wants and needs. These clear and concise wishes help us come of with simple design principles for the project."

The owner says, "Yes, we had an exact number of how many meters of closets we needed and so on. We have built a few houses before this and have learned from our experiences and mistakes. We knew that we wanted a house with clean lines without any visual noise and clutter."

From the integrated storage spaces to the slip resistant staircase made of one solid piece of 1cm thick steel, no detail was left undone. Coolest part? None of the electrical outlets are visible and all technology controlled by a main control panel in the kitchen. The house is geektastic!

What do you think of this house? Could you and your family live here?

Source: ArchDaily

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  • I could live there with my 2.5 year old son no problems. The glass wall is in the master bedroom so no dramas with him running into it. If he did he wouldn't do it again. heck he runs into solid walls and doors already and we still keep them. kids hurt themselves, it happens, but they learn from it. The staircase wouldn't be a dram either, the main problems with staircases and little kids is the falling between the treads or getting their foot stuck in the gaps. No problems there with this one. The large glass wndows again shouldn't be a problem as they would be at least double glazed perhaps even triple glazed due to the location so they wouldn't break
  • Nice very nice home, but kids fooling around could be dangerous.
  • While large planes of glass are dubiously kid friendly, I do think that the large open spaces make it very friendly for children. Also, the outlets are visible...

    First pic: On the far left, by the door. And in the background room, nearly under the wide window.
    Second pic: By the red ball.
    Third pic: Through the green glass on the far left, under the window.
    Fifth pic: On the rock climbing wall.
    Sixth pic: On the rock climbing wall.

    Still very cool.
  • Modern? Yes. Kid Friendly? No.
    That staircase is going to bust some heads/feet/shins.
    Randomly placing glass walls around the house is not a good idea when you have running kids around.
    For the same reason, floor to ceiling glass windows are also a bad idea.
    I could live there, but I would make a bunch of changes.
  • I would live here in a damn heartbeat.
  • Love the rock climbing wall.
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